• New Look, Same Fire Center

    New Look, Same Fire Center

    2022 has brought a lot of changes and our new website is one of them! Enjoy the new easily to navigate firefighter apparel website! We offer all the major brands; if you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to reach out to us by email for a quote!

  • Important Gear for Firefighters

    Important Gear for Firefighters

    One of the most important roles in firefighting that is played is the turnout gear or the firefighter clothing. Turnout gear not only protects the firefighters from adverse conditions but also manages and maintains a standard thermal condition inside the clothing.
  • Cancer Risk in Firefighting-Fact Sheet

    Cancer Risk in Firefighting-Fact Sheet

    Fire service organizations and individual fire departments have become increasingly aware of the health and safety hazards posed by contaminant exposure, and have been working to educate the fire service about ways to reduce those risks.
  • Cancer Risk in Firefighting

    Cancer Risk in Firefighting

    WITHIN THE FIRE SERVICE, not using SCBA and wearing soiled PPE were long considered badges of fire fighter toughness and bravery. For many fire fighters, those perceptions have been costly, and in some cases deadly.