Blauer Leather Defender Duty Belt (B011)

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Color Black

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Blauer Leather Defender Duty Belt (B011)

The best leather duty belt you'll ever own. Rigid interlining helps reduce weight, 1/2" adjustments for an exact custom fit.

Wearing a loaded leather duty belt every day increases your risk of chronic back and hip pain. The static shape and rigid materials of most belts compound this issue by cutting into hips and hitting nerves where they shouldn’t.

We built our Defender™ Duty Belt to be different, starting with the materials. Our proprietary full grain 2-layer 100% leather construction doesn’t use synthetics or plastics, allowing the natural materials to contour to your body shape, eliminating pressure points and reducing chronic pain. ½” micro adjustments offer an exact fit for all day comfort. 

Key Features: 

  • NOTE: Order 2" larger than your regular pants size to accommodate under belt and gear brackets
  • 1/2" micro-adjustments for perfect comfort fit
  • Premium, rugged 2-layer full grain leather
  • Belt contours to body shape over time for comfort and pain reduction
  • 2.25" width