Personalized Firefighter Name Tag Panel

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Personalized Item: 5 Business Day Turnaround Time

Personalized Firefighter Name Tag Panel

We are a top US ISP Provider of personalized items like name plates, company IDs, tags and SCBA identifiers for every major brand of gear including Morning Pride, Globe, Lion, Innotex, Fire-Dex, Lakeland and Bespoke. Please note that each style, also has a color option. We are not responsible for slight color differences.

These name plates have Velcro, the "hook" side. If you need the "loop" side on your name patch, please specify in the notes section. 

As for turnaround times, Fuego Fire Center has built its reputation on providing superior quality and our best-in-class service by eliminating the lengthy turnaround times. We are currently meeting a 5-business day turnaround time on our tags and panels for orders under ten units.

These orders are hand-made so we can't issue refunds for errors.  If there are special dimensions; include dimensions of top, bottom and height (along with snap/velcro positions).

Questions: Call 512-490-1480 9:30 to 3:30 pm CST or email


  • Morning Pride patch: is 16" X 4”
  • Lion's patch: is 18" X 14" X 5.25" and is angular tapered.
  • Globe patch: is 19.75" x 6" with round taper
  • Fire-Dex: there are three options, please see picture for option examples.
    • Option A: 21" X 6.5" X 17.25" Has velcro & snaps on top trim along with velcro on bottom trim. 
    • Option B: 13.5 " x 4.5" Has velcro around perimeter on back.
    • Option C: 21" X 7" X 16" Snaps only. No Velcro. 
  • For Innotex, Lakeland, or any custom name plate please specify the dimensions of top, bottom and height and snap/Velcro positions. If you want snaps on something other than Lion or Globe, please also let us know in your order.

Fabric Options:

We currently offer Advance Black, Advance Khaki, and Advance Gold as fabric options for our personalized name tag panels.